Midwifery Services

Birth Preparation

Antenatal education

Antenatal sessions any time after 28 weeks of pregnancy, to provide you with information on choices and pathways for labour and birth, and increase confidence and control over your individual experience. For ‘first time’ mums, dads, couples, or for those already parents who are feeling slightly rusty. One to one sessions can be arranged if you prefer more personalised support or have specific areas of interest. Or you can enjoy hearing other’s points of view and making friends by joining a small group.

One to one (2hour) session: £70.00

Group (2 hour) session (3+couples): £30.00 per couple.

Set group course of 6 hours over three weeks: £80.00 per couple.

Antinatal Education

Birth Planning

Birth Planning

Individualised Birth Planning.

This session will give you an opportunity to fully discuss the pros and cons of the services available, and what is especially important for your birth experience. This could include choices regarding place of birth, induction of labour, pain management, birth following trauma or any other choices you need to decide on. We can look at the evidence based information and explore reasons why some things are important to you.

Within the two hour session, we will work together towards a written, informed plan for you to share with your care provider.


If you would like to discuss your birth options over the phone, this can be arranged.


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Birth Debriefing

Postnatal debrief

This service can be provided any time after the birth of your baby. During our initial meeting, we can review the hospital notes for the clinical aspects of your birth (You can write to your hospital and request a visit to view these notes, or you can request photocopies. You may be required to pay a minimal fee), and for you to share your thoughts, memories and questions. At our second meeting, we will work through the clinical and memorable bullet points of the birth, and piece together significant timings and events.

From this sharing of information, we will compose a written reflection. We will identify and try to answer any questions, discuss the possible impact on subsequent births,  and make suggestions for future births or any follow up support required. This is not a counselling session.


Or you may want a less formal or in depth discussion about your experience over just the one meeting.

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Birth Debriefing

Postnatal Care & Breastfeeding Support

Postnatal and Breastfeeding support

If you are having difficulties with breastfeeding or, now you’re actually holding the baby, you suddenly have loads of questions, get in touch.

If you’re urgently needing support, it will be best if you phone me directly. If I can’t respond immediately, I will get back in touch as soon as I can. My phone number is 07823 770858. I have some commitments, so this can’t be a 24 hour service.

One to one support, £35 per hour, but daily rate can occasionally be negotiated.

If you would like support and advice over the phone, then we can arrange this.



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