About Me

trudy brock

Firstly, I am Mum to three gorgeous kids, all grown and doing their own thing. I enjoy simpler things in life, like my garden, my drawings, and creating craft work. For years I lived the ‘good life’ with a smallholding of milking goats. My first career was veterinary nursing, and then I moved on to work with autistic children. But my grandmother was a midwife before me and, once my own babies were earthside, there was no holding off the inevitable.

I am a community midwife, working both independently and within NHS, supporting couples at home and hospital. I travel overseas to teach midwifery skills in developing countries. This feeds my passion, and keeps my learning and teaching up to date. I see how closely birth, midwifery, and women’s rights are interwoven.

I’ve become more in tune with issues around dignity and respect in childbirth. For me, the crux of a good birth (regardless of intervention and risk) lies with ‘holding space’. By this, I mean honouring the hormonal responses that childbirth triggers, and enabling women to feel safe and protected during their birth process. Sharing the importance of this with couples AND care providers, has become the focus for my work. I’ve previously taken referrals from the late Sheila Kitzinger’s ‘Birth Crisis Network’. I keep up to date with legal issues and rights surrounding birth. I have professional indemnity insurance for the support I offer and, as required by my NHS post, I am CRB checked. I am also, as are all registered midwives, NMC regulated.

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