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“I want to support women to birth their babies with control and confidence.”

Trudy Brock | Birthjourneys Midwifery

Birthjourneys Midwifery

At Birthjourneys, I share my midwifery knowledge and provide a professional listening ear to help couples understand their needs and experiences of birth.
By providing semi-structured educational sessions, individuals and small groups can discuss and work through their desires, fears, and choices for birth. This helps dispel myths, and replaces them with balanced information and confidence.

Birth experiences aren’t always how we plan them, though, and women can feel trauma, abuse, or lack of control. Men can be affected, too, feeling helpless to fully support their partner. Listening and debriefing helps couples identify the missing pieces of the puzzle, lay events to rest, and find peace with it.

Deciding to have further babies can be unsettling. Women may feel future birth choices will be reduced, or that a previous experience will be repeated. Birth planning supports couples to work through their options. Listening, informing and encouraging couples to share their wishes in a written plan, puts the control back with them.

A woman who is supported, informed, and respected to make decisions regarding her pregnancy and birth experience, will generally feel more positive about her birth journey.
Birthjourneys can also provide post birth and breastfeeding support.

About me

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From smallholder, artist, and all round lover of the good life, to local midwife and international midwifery trainer, I have a reverence for nature and an inherent belief that women’s bodies do still work. But like all things in nature, the process of birth needs protecting. My passion for being ‘with woman’ and making time to listen equals the unmet need women feel in the current mainstream childbirth system. Here, or abroad, it’s a poor world that doesn’t protect its women to birth the next generation with safety and celebration. I set up my Birthjourneys Midwifery to provide a fuller service to women and also to protect this essential aspect of my profession.

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